WillB Limited liability Co. was founded in 2003 as a Spin-Off of Carlo Gavazzi Space S.p.A. acknowledged as one of the leading medium size companies in Europe for space systems integration. It is part of a cluster of European enterprises operating in the aerospace and telematic business.

WillB operative location is inside the “Parco Scientifico delle Telecomunicazioni e delle Tecnologie della Valle Scrivia” together with other companies involved in technology and telecommunication research.

Founded in 1981, with headquarters in Milan and excellence centres in Italy, Carlo Gavazzi Space SpA (CGS) employs more than 170 qualified engineers & physicists. CGS has consolidated expertise, resources and facilities to carry out manufacturing, integration, qualification and flight certification, with a role of Prime Contractor in different fields of activities. Its success is due to a combination of technical expertise, innovative technologies and low cost solutions which allow to give customers easy access to space.
The company operates both on the institutional and commercial markets.
The company works in close cooperation with the leading research centres and promotes organisations and industrial partners co-operation worldwide.
The group is involved in the ASI project for Institutional Communications for Security and Risk Management. Aim of this project is to help the "Critical National Infrastructures" such Civil Protection, Police, Fire Brigade, Army etc. to better monitor the environment and manage risks, with a dedicated satellite telecommunication system and a centralised coordination service. This system could be used also abroad during "peace keeping" operations. The system will provide information putting together data, photos and videos, together with local data coming from existing databases.

Limited liability Co. has inherited from CGS the staff and the skill in field already described and faces the market playing a main role in security systems development aiming the development of custom solutions based on scientific innovations and technologies.

Company Mission
Limited liability Co. realizes complete solutions for security systems, video surveillance systems to protect risk areas and localization and logistic systems. Skills achieved from the group in the field of space research and in the telecommunication one, enables the company to produce innovative and reliable solutions.