The project WBenergy developed by Willb Limited liability Co. was born to reply to the Public Administration’s needs of using renewable energies for a sustainable management of its own environment resources, a GHG emission cut, and a constant income source originated from clean energy production.

By using WBenergy, Public Administrations can realize alternative energy production systems: PV plants, eolic plants and biomass plants, without burdening their own budget and giving fruit already as of the first year.

By creating WBenergy, Willb Limited liability Co. realizes the difficult balance between two primary values: clean energy and safety service.

Willb Limited liability Co. designs the best solution fitting on the customer’s specific requirements and by making use of the latest technologies: • PV field in connection to the local electrical network. In light times, the users consumes the electrical energy produced by its own solar plant, while when there isn’t any light or there isn’t light enough, the electrical system will assure the electrical energy supply. • Thermodynamic generator. Electrical energy is produced by day and by night.

WBenergy guarantees:

Quality: energy production systems planning, implementation and assistance, guaranteed by qualified and expert staff.

Competitiveness: an excellent quality-price ratio.

Integration among various electrical generator systems.

Supervisor software customizable on specific needs.

Plants duration: plants life period overcomes 25 years.

Management costs reduction: minimum need in maintenance, assets reliability.

Low environmental impact: WBenergy joins an high technological matter to different estethic solutions to armonize installations in urban context.

Reliability: the system framework gives a regular working and cuts down the anomalies.

Modular: the PV plants realized can plump a pocket calculator as far as a whole country.


Services offered by Willb Limited liability Co. are the following:

Inspection (free)

Workability&feasibility study (free)

Loan choice assistance (free)

Insurance choice assistance (free)

Estimation (free)

Bureaucratic and administrative practices management

Materials supplying



Upkeep and assistance