Growing violence backgrounds and risky situations are becoming more and more noticeable in our cities and in our districts. These events require diligence, determinationand responsibility: Freeviewer system, developed by Willb Limited liability Co., offers an intelligent technological support to those who needs to give back and restore peace and safety to citizens. Creating Freeviewer, Willb Limited liability Co. realized the hard balance between two basic values: freedom and safety. Willb Limited liability Co. designs the best solution fitting on the city context and making use of the most recent technologies:

Analogic solution: coaxial cable, optic fiber, analogical radio, IR (analogic)
Digital solution: optic fiber, digital radio, UTP, IR (digital)
Mixed solution: Analogic/Digital

Freeviewer grants:
Public Safety interventions effectiveness, to contrast: robberies, hold-up, bag-snatching, vandalism acts, drugs trafficking, prostitution.
A sharp support for Public Policy activities: processions, sports events, traffic control, emergency management.

The security system ISS – Integrated Security System – integrates three features:

Fixed, PTZ cameras, Day&Night and IR cameras;
continuous, on motion, on alarm, scheduled digital video recording;
advanced video image search (time, motion, alarm, event, bookmark, postmotion; manual and automatic archiving on removable optical media (CD or DVD).
Intelligent control with adaptive features;
hundred areas simultaneous control;
thousand sensors supervision;
on the spot and remote complete management.
Access control:
Identification magnetic tag (badge), telepass or rfid;
accesses register;
accesses limitation based on time bands and validity periods.

All the features have common denominators: scalability and adaptability to satisfy every specific and peculiar requirements.